Pradeep. G

Graduated from Samved in 1995

Qualifications: M.S in Computer Science from BITS Pilani

Currently works as: Senior Consultant Engineer in Cloud computing at SAP Labs

Teachers were passionate about the subjects they taught, while history might be a boring session in other schools, our teacher made it so interesting that I scored the highest mark in this subject in the board exam.

The school was a pioneer in new technologies even at that time. We were exposed to computers as early as 1990. Unlike now, computers were a rarity then. When I was in college in 1997, I was one of the very few people who had worked on computers, which shows how ahead the school was.

Our founder, Mrs. Ambuja Venkataraman was a visionary who realized way back the importance of good education in improving people's standard of living. Many students from poor background were provided free education which helped them to be masters of their destiny.

Overall, my time at school has been very memorable, enriching and something which I would always cherish. Thank you for everything.

Anu Sreepathy

Graduated from Samved in 2002

SSLC State Topper - 2002

Qualifications: BE in Computer Science, PESIT

Currently works as: Staff engineer at Intuit Inc., reimagining technology for small businesses globally


  • - Multiple Tech challenges and innovation award winner
  • - Co-founder GoodMoneyApps - 2014

My school days at AVES were undoubtedly the best days of my life and the school played an integral role in shaping me into the person I am today. The school has such dedicated and caring teachers who recognize talent in every child and help them achieve their full potential. There is an excellent balance of academics and cultural activities, ensuring all-round development. In fact, my fondest memories of school are the various school days, open days, sports days, trips and fests we had every year. But, most importantly, the school taught me life skills and values that I shall carry through my life.

Srikanth Kondoor

Graduated from Samved in 2003

Qualification: B.E., Biotechnology & MBA - Sales & Marketing

Area of Work: Business Development

Designation: Business Development Manager

Everyone might think school days are over once you are out from the school, but for me, I feel like I'm still in there, deeply rooted. That is the kind of bonding that I share with the school and the teachers who continue to be a part of my life.

I hardly remember much of the text books but certainly remember the corridors and play ground where we had so much fun playing every possible game which helped us grow. The morning assembly and prayers that taught us a lot of good values, ethics and how to stay focused in life, school extracurricular activities that allowed us to break out of the shell and express our talents on various occasions. Friends with whom we shared and cared have become friends for ever. Thank you Samved for giving us immense strength and confidence to face the challenges of everyday life.


Graduated from Savmed in 2006

Qualifications: MBA Dual degree in Sports Management & International Business - Munich, Germany.

It is with nostalgia that I reminiscence my time at Samved (Formerly AVES). I studied in Samved from 1994-2006 and those years helped me inculcate the values I still live up to and cherish.

I believe that education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another and it is because of the continued efforts of schools like Samved who have constantly imparted quality education and values which have helped thousands of students to achieve success throughout the world and I am proud to have been a part of Samved.

I am currently doing an internship here in Munich. I would like to work in the Sports Industry in a marketing role and have plans to have my own startup in the near future.

Prasanna Simha T.R

Graduated from Samved in 1995

Currently working as: Senior Specialist, CAD division at Milacron, Coimbatore.

I was amidst awesome teaches who used to always encourage me to give the best in whatever I did. In addition to education, I also took part in a variety of extracurricular activities. The school always concentrated on the overall development of an individual. The warmth and affection that teachers showed me was something which I remember till date.

A.V.E.S is now rebranded as Samved. Change for good is always good. Name change will definitely not affect the quality of education that it imparts year on year to thousands of students. I am really proud to be a product of A.V.E.S.

Because of this solid foundation that this divine school gave me, I am 100 percent confident that, where ever I go in this world, I will win.

A.V.E.S was the best, Samved will be the best and Samved shall be the best in future too. After my retirement, I would love to be a teacher at Samved

Deepika Srinivasan

Graduated from Samved in 2007

Currently working as: Software engineer for Nokia Networks

Choosing A.V.Education Society, now Samved, for my formal schooling in 1st Standard was not a studied decision on my parents’ part, only a convenient one; it was the closest school to my house then. But continuing in AVES for the next 10 years was a very conscious and happy one, for both my parents and me.

The school has grown impressively too - there are constant efforts to bring in newer, more effective methods of teaching to make schooling an experience rather than a routine. This aspect of AVES is the most appealing of all, for in an age when education is considered a business, AVES is striving to make it a life-changing journey for its students. My humble gratitude to this institution for giving me some of the best years of my life.

Vaikunt Prasad

Graduated from Samved in 2010

Qualifications: BA in Journalism, Psychology and English from Christ University, Bangalore.

Currently working for: TEACH FOR INDIA, Fellowship 2015-2017, Pune

We don't stop going to school when we graduate.
-Carol Burnett

'A plethora of knowledge and opportunity that ignited my love for learning', would sum up my time at A.V.Education Society School, which was undoubtedly the best part of my life.

With teachers deeply invested in academics beyond school hours, a library that was a breeding ground for the literature lover that I am today and after school activities that help in imparting a holistic education. The school was undoubtedly the perfect foundation for the rest of my life.

The school has created a stupendous alumni network that helps in giving priceless career guidance. They continuously visit school and give the students greater exposure of the workings and demands of the various industries that they are a part of. This helped me be more aware of the career opportunities that I would have beyond engineering and medicine.