XSEED Curriculum

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XSEED Education Curriculum

The XSEED education Program is a boon to the students and teachers, alike. It is observed that this program builds thinking and problem-solving skills in children. They ask more questions, write in their own words and are not afraid to speak up. In short, the students are being equipped with the 21st century skills.

The students enjoy the activities that are conducted in every class as their textbooks are very colorful with many pictures. Most pictures are actual photographs.

The math and science subjects in XSEED education also have digital content supplemented with a journal where-in the students complete writing in the journal while watching the digital content and adhering to the instructions.

A workbook is also provided across subjects that include questions catering to the students with higher order thinking skills in addition to the other questions.

As far as the teachers are concerned, they are equipped with time bound lesson plans that cater to the 5 – A’s – Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment.

The XSEED education program is a paradigm shift in the teaching learning-process where there is no scope for rote learning.